Beyond II Ultra Whitening Accelerator


The latest and modern design of the Beyond II Whitening Accelerator features a unique combination of 10 high-intensity blue LEDs. When used with all types of whitening gel, it promotes superior shiny white results with a reduced treatment time compared to other systems. The Machine is the latest improvement to teeth whitening treatments. 

Beyond is both lightweight and portable for both travel and ease of use for room to room.

A unique dual design allows the effective treatment of two clients at the same time.

Whitening options can be set to Low, Medium and High light output settings for a tailored treatment that best suits each individual client.

Quick and simple client preparation and system operation with digital display control board.

Along with the convenient features of simultaneous treatment capability and intuitive touch user interface, the LED light features capability to aid in the brevity of treatment time with little to no sensitivity.


Model: BE-818UL

Rated Current: 360mA

IlluminanceHigh: 26000LX- Medium: 23000LX -Low: 20000LX

Wave Length: 520nM

Light Working Power: 40mW/cmLight Working Voltage: DC 24V

Fuse Type: T1.0 L250V

Gross Weight: 9KG

Package Dimension: 82.5 x 34 x 26cm 


Frequently Asked Questions:


How does it work?

The Beyond II Whitening Accelerator gives you the option to whiten two
patients simultaneously. Although the AYLBA II Ultra Whitening Accelerator
includes two AYLBA II Ultra LED light that attaches to the AYLBA cheek retractors. This helps with comfort and also keeps the heat directly on the clients teeth to activate the gel much faster.

How is it different?
-The Beyond II  Whitening Accelerator LEDs have 10 x high intensity  LEDs opposed to other systems with only 4.
ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY - Ultrasound serves to help the whitening gel more comprehensively target the enamel. It does not speed up the chemical reaction of the gel; rather, the cavitation process vibrates the gel so it can reach area that it might not otherwise be able to.
-The Beyond II  Whitening Accelerator offers three modes HIGH, MEDIUM AND LOW intensity.
LOW: 20000LX
HIGH: 26000LX
- Air Ionizer Purifier - The Beyond II Ultra Whitening Accelerator comes equipped with an air ionizer that silently cleans and sanitizes air in areas less than 6000/cm3.
The ionizer is designed to remove airborne pollutants, allergens, pollen, mold, smoke, unpleasant odors, dust and other airborne pollutants.
How long is each treatment using this machine?

Other systems take between 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs to achieve results -AYLBA II  Whitening Accelerator can do the treatments from 50-70 minutes depending on the teeth.
How much more effective is it?

The Beyond II  Whitening Accelerator are designed for RESULTS, TIME AND COMFORT.
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